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I'm Sam, a personal trainer, nutritionist and lifestyle coach based in Suffolk, UK

My goal is to support you in starting a journey towards greater fitness and health.

Fitness - for many years of my life - was the enemy. At school I avoided PE (physical education) and cared very little about my activity. Since then I have gone from obese and unhealthy to an active personal trainer and nutritionist. Having started my journey at the weight I was gives me a sensitivity to the struggle of being a beginner and real experience in the techniques needed to turn a life around.

I am a firm believer that lifestyle can be our medicine. Whether it's feeling better in your own skin, taking on a serious challenge or maybe taking your very first steps towards a fitter you - I am here to help you get there.

The benefits of leading an active lifestyle are well-documented - from improving mental well-being to physiological adaptations that support an increase in day-to-day energy, and reduced risk of multiple diseases.

If you live in the Bury St. Edmunds, Stowmarket or Diss area and in need of a personal trainer or lifestyle coach to push you towards your goals get in touch here. If you are not local - or want to work out from home - I also host regular weekly zoom sessions.

As a nutritionist I can help you include more whole foods - I help people transition to a sustainable , primarily plant-based diet using evidence-based approaches to nutrition. If you are looking to improve your diet for the better, while supporting your physical activity and reducing multiple health risks , then let's get started!

I would love to work with you in achieving your goals alongside you. The power of lifestyle is something we can all benefit from - so why wait to make a start!

ActiveIQ Level 2 Fitness Instruction

CE Level 3 Nutritionist

"Sam has taken me from unfit and unhealthy and transformed me.
I love being fit and healthy and that is thanks to Sam's confidence in me."

Lesley, Personal Training Client

Personal training feedback...

"I would highly recommend Sam as a personal trainer"


"I feel I have made serious progress"


"I really enjoy the training sessions"


You can join online!

Get fit from home

Personal Training and Group Fitness in Suffolk

Sessions last around 30-40 minutes - you will be worked through a warm up and cool down either side of your session. Personal training sessions will be made to suit you and your current fitness experience - so if you are a total beginner do not worry - we all start somewhere!


HIIT, Cardio & Aerobic Fitness

Personal training and group classes designed to raise your pulse, increase your movement and improve long term cardiovascular fitness. From bodyweight cardio to circuit and HIIT sessions.

If you come to me for personal training it is highly likely that a large portion of your training schedule will be cardiovascular/aerobics as this type of training is associated with multiple health related benefits.


Yoga, Stretching & Mindfulness

While any training you do will be followed up with thorough stretching sections, I also love intructing entirely stretch and yoga based sessions.

Relax your mind and body and increase flexibility. From improved core stability to the release of feel good hormones in the body, yoga and stretching can bring our bodies incredible benefits.


Strength, Weights and Resistance

Be it core conditioning, or a focused upper/lower body session, with a range of equipment suited to multiple aspects of functional training you can develop and improve your all round strength for real life improvements.

Functional training is designed to make your life easier by helping you gain the strength you need for your everyday life. If you work in an intense job in which strength is paramount, functional training is invaluable.


Nutrition, Meal Planning and Coaching

I work with anyone interested in improving their diet - or any aspect of their lifestyle - towards sustainable, nutrient-dense, and fibre-rich.

I believe in whole foods and plant-based - but I will work with you regardless of your diet/preferences.

Make a lasting difference with me as your personal trainer and lifestyle coach - be it online or in person (if local to Suffolk).

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Online HIIT Classes, Yoga & Zoom Training

I host weekly Zoom sessions - including 30m HIIT, bodyweight cardio, yoga, mindfulness, and strength training.

Online training feels like it is here to stay! So wherever you are, you can now join in too! One of my favourite aspects of online training is the fact that anyone can join in - it really does feel so incredible to have the potential to reach people all around the world.

Zoom sessions typically last around 30-40 minutes and include a warm up, cool down and a relaxing stretch to finish. You can work out with or without your camera and microphone - though we are a friendly and non-judgemental group so don't feel shy. Get in touch and let me know that you are interested in joining zoom sessions to receive weekly email invitations to virtual group classes.

100% Client Satisfaction

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Where to find me...

I live in Badwell Ash - a small village in mid-Suffolk near Elmswell - situated in the middle of Diss, Bury St. Edmunds, and Stowmarket. While clients usually either travel to me (access more equipment) or join online, let me know what works best for you when you get in touch.

Badwell Ash, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, United Kingdom

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